What should I choose as a URL?
What I recommend is that you take a minute and think about how you want your partners to think about you.
For me I had to think about my domain name, my newsletter title, my first name, my wife’s first name. So possible options were:

  • /paterson
  • /patersons
  • /thepatersons
  • /hugh
  • /becky
  • /hughandbecky
  • /hpaterson
  • /hughniquebeckspressions

With all these options I chose just one (so that I can present a clear, consistent, memorable URL to many people):

  • /paterson

So, if you have a common last name then getting something like:

  • /smith

…might not be the best option. Remember, you want something easily memorable, and unique to you. I do not usually recommend basing your choice on the name of a country in which you might serve. i.e. /BibleTranslatorCameroon (You might move in 2 years and then your URL does not make any sense to your situation. Think long-term.)

Can I get more than one URL?
Email me with your request; we can work something out.

A logical request would be to ask for both:


How does this process work?

You sign up for a URL. I verify your Wycliffe based email. You send me a buck. I turn on the URL. Before your 1 year is up, I will email you asking you if you want to renew for another year. I will also tell you how many people used your link.

Why a buck per year?!
At a buck per year I am covering my cost for running this site.
You can send it as a member to member transfer or as a Paypal transfer. I can provide you my Orlando account number from my official Wycliffe email. Or you can click the link to the PayPal donate button.

What about more than one year’s payment at a time…
Well, while technically it is possible, the preference is for one year at a time. This keeps client expectations smaller, and allows me as a service provider more flexibility. If a simular service is offered by wycliffe.org then it would be logical for clients to use that service. When this service (wycliffe.me) first started in 2010, the intention was to run for 4 years and see how it went. So, clients, paying for 10 years all at once would cover a span longer than this site was originally intended to last, at least in its initial phase. In 2014, the service, the clients, the technology and the market will be assessed and further business plans considered. Besides, clients need to know if the service is worth it to them…

Delinquent accounts
The cost is a buck per year. Delinquent accounts will be referred to http://wycliffe.me/delinquent/

Privacy is a big deal. I don’t share data about you or the number of people who click your link with anyone but you. I don’t even share the fact that you are using this service.
The one caveat is that for my admin purposes (server load, etc.) I sometimes have to look at the total number of hits the site is getting. (That would be the total number of clicks of all the people using links from Wycliffe.me).